GTFO Survival Bag (Gun Sold Separately)

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This is the GTFO* Bag for when SHTF*.


Anyone who is prepared to get out of town at a moment's notice has a bag like this.  This bag has everything you need to survive in the wilderness.


The GTFO bag is a great gift for friends and relatives who know they should be prepared but won't take the time to prepare a bag themselves.  Be a hero for your friends and relatives, help them be prepared.


Buy your GTFO bag today.



-Digital Camo Cactus Jack Backpack

-SOG Safari Machete

-1 L Nalgene bottle

-1 Qt Military style cantene

-Wind and Waterpoof survival matches

-Bear Grylls Gerber 8 pc survival kit

-400kCal Emergency food ration

-Neoprene Duty Gloves

-Signal Mirror

-Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Drops

-45 ft of paracord

-Emergency Survival Blanket

-First Aid Kit



*   Get The F### Out

*   S### Hits The Fan